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Office reconfiguration!

We think ourselves very lucky in that DealTrak’s ‘home’ is – arguably – in one of the most beautiful and eye-catching buildings on the Leeds Dock. If you don’t believe us, Prolific North recently published a whole feature on our space – check it out.

And recently, we’ve decided to do a bit of internal reshuffling to ensure our processes continue to run smoothly and we’re all within the same space – and working on the same level.

Which is why we’ve moved all our ‘working desks’ upstairs to become a more unified team. We've had this new fluid seating plan in place for a couple of weeks now – allowing people to move around if they wish – and we're really loving it!

But “what are you doing with the downstairs space?” We hear you ask. Well, we’re currently using it as a break-out area, to be collaborative, as well as host our end of month company updates.

We have a meeting room on the ground floor, as well as our communal kitchen and a games corner – including a pool table, dartboard and retro arcade machines – meaning we can catch up over our lunch, without disturbing others who are hard at work.

That’s not all! Over the next couple weeks, we will be sending an email to each of our colleagues to see what we’d like to use the rest of the open-plan space for in the future, so that our team can truly have a say in what they need – and want – from this collaborative area.

So, keep your eyes peeled – we’ll be revealing our latest redesigns shortly!

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