Dedicated to automotive F&I for over 15 years

For over 15 years, the DealTrak platform has brought F&I transactions to life in the motor finance industry.  Previously Frontline Solutions, DealTrak remains focused on delivering positive outcomes for everyone involved in the motor Finance and Insurance world.


Built with efficiency in mind

Our platform has grown and developed with our users in mind. We understand the pressures facing Dealers, Brokers and Lenders of all sizes.  This is why we are committed to increasing efficiencies for everyone involved, allowing them to focus on creating a positive experience for their customers and ultimately sell more finance and insurance products.


Supporting best practice

At DealTrak we understand that increased scrutiny and regulation has increased the pressures on everyone involved in the car finance sales process. We are resolutely committed to ensuring that our clients can be supported to make their processes as compliant as possible.

Our platform has compliance and Treating Customers Fairly at its heart, allowing our Dealer, Broker, Lender and Insurance clients to keep on top of everything that is needed, without it impacting on their ability to maximise their efficiencies and maintain profitability.

Partner agnostic for true value-added relationships

Since our inception we have ensured that we have an agnostic approach to our integrator partnerships. This means our decision making is based on positive outcomes for all, rather than the need to satisfy one partner at the expense of others.


We can focus on true added value partnerships with our integrators, ensuring they can learn from industry best practice and get the best value out of the DealTrak platform.  We understand that we are only as successful as the users of DealTrak, and everything we do is designed to help our clients feel truly supported in a partnership that is constantly evolving for the good of everyone involved.

Covering the UK Automotive Sector

We are based in Leeds, one of the UK's primary FinTech hubs.  Our team of 40 people consists of developers, techies, client services and more. 

We support the whole UK automotive sector and work with Dealers, Brokers, Lenders, OEMs and Insurers of all sizes.  We're committed to client support and have a proactive approach to helping our users have the best possible experience with the DealTrak platform.

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DealTrak is ISO27001 accredited.

Registered Office - Block F, Leeds Dock, The Boulevard, Leeds, LS10 1LR.  
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