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Our Platform

A platform that connects

We have worked with hundreds of Dealers and Brokers, plus dozens of Lenders and Insurers, as the industry has progressed. We have grown to understand the frustrations of people working in F&I - a sometimes under-appreciated but crucial part of the wider automotive picture.

By building and constantly enhancing a platform designed to solve F&I pain points, we have developed technology that facilitates connections, aids compliance and boosts customer satisfaction.


Designed with efficiency in mind

F&I professionals are extremely busy. To prevent bottlenecks in this crucial process, we have integrated with over 200 F&I suppliers. For example, finance proposal data need only be keyed once for total connection to your chosen F&I partners.

Soft search functionality means higher first-time acceptance rates for finance proposals. When appropriate, the necessary F&I documentation is even returned directly via the DealTrak platform.


Supporting with compliance throughout

As FCA and other regulatory pressures have mounted, our compliance focus has also heightened. DealTrak prompts users for the right information at the right time, in line with legislative requirements. As you would expect from an ISO27001 certified organisation, nothing is overlooked and all records are securely stored for a comprehensive audit trail.


Uncovering actionable F&I performance insights

The DealTrak platform processes a massive amount of data, daily. This data can create insights into the performance of F&I departments that are unavailable anywhere else. These meaningful, actionable, insights allows Dealers, Brokers and Lenders to ensure the best possible outcome for their businesses.

Also, DealTrak's data warehouse, complete with comprehensive business intelligence tools, makes visualising and reporting simple and effective.


Flexibility and adaptability built-in

We're committed to supporting the best possible outcomes for everyone involved in the automotive F&I process.  However you wish to utilise the DealTrak platform, the business benefits are available either using a DealTrak supplied user interface, or directly into your own systems via our numerous APIs.


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