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Top tips for working from home

Working from home, or ‘working remotely’ is not a new concept for us at DealTrak, and as a company we are always keen to adapt and comply with the needs of our employees. With the recent focus on working remotely, here are our top six tips for maintaining productivity at home.

Begin with a morning routine

Something as simple as having a shower and changing into ‘work wear’ can have a huge impact in preparing you for a productive day at home. Try and repeat the same process every morning to allow you to start the day in the best frame of mind.

Set up your home office

Dedicate a desk, table or suitable surface to use as your home office and differentiate between work and home mode. If you’re using a personal computer, log in as a different user to keep documents separate and avoid confusion in future.

Communication is key

Keep colleagues and clients updated on your schedule, workload and availability – this way you won’t lose track of tasks or deadlines in light of the limited face time.

Schedule breaks

Set aside time each day for a breather, even if it’s just to make a drink, take a walk or even empty the dishwasher! These small changes will help you recharge and save you from staring at the computer screen for hours on end!

Keep in touch with colleagues

It’s completely normal to feel a little lonely when working from home as you adjust to limited contact with your work colleagues. Instant messaging apps are a great way to keep in touch with your workmates and raise your spirits if you start to feel isolated.

Stick to the regular hours

Maintaining regular working hours can help you to balance and stick to achievable targets for your week. Set yourself strict working hours – when the working day is over, step away from the computer!

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oliver branson
oliver branson
7 days ago

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