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Integration news - Marsh Finance

Here at DealTrak, lockdown hasn’t stopped us from ploughing forward with our lender integration enhancements!

DealTrak have integrated with Marsh Finance since 2008, but we’ve recently worked with market leaders Decimal Cloud to complete a total rewrite to link to Marsh’s new API.

As well as being able to upload documents to Marsh directly from the DealTrak platform, DealTrak customers can expect a ‘deal checklist’ that enables Marsh to update them on the progress of proposals and payouts. E-sign and traditional signature options are also available – empowering dealerships with the choice when liaising with their customers.

Ben Moore, IT Director at DealTrak, said;

“This new integration with Marsh will provide our customers with a faster, slicker integration – ultimately making their lives easier! The team at Marsh have developed some fantastic efficiencies for our customers.

“Partnering closely with Decimal Cloud on this project has meant that we have been able to keep our development team’s focus on delivering the brand new DealTrak platform - whilst still driving important integration innovations for our customers.”

Andy McMorine, Head of Sales at Marsh Finance, commented;

"DealTrak and Decimal have been tremendous in assisting Marsh Finance Ltd with the integration of our MAUS (Marsh Automated Underwriting System) offering. Upon launch, our introducers who interact with Marsh, via DealTrak, will be able to use us for soft searches, Esign documents, automated decisioning, uploading documents and proofs direct into the system - and see the status of a payout live in the system via the Checklist functionality.

With an Open Banking facility imminent also, Marsh will become much easier to do business with when introducers operate with us via the DealTrak system."

Tom Sharp, Director at Decimal cloud added; “we were delighted to be part of this innovative integration enhancements project. Utilising our integration platform and industry knowledge, it enabled our team to work collaboratively and efficiently with both DealTrak and Marsh Finance to bring their latest API technologies to DealTrak customers. It’s been a real pleasure working with two forward thinking, innovative businesses - utilising technology to drive customer satisfaction.”


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