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Wellbeing at Work:  World Mental Health Day

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

At DealTrak we take the wellbeing of ourselves and our colleagues seriously.  As part of this we’ve implemented a Wellbeing at Work programme which includes a number of initiatives covering physical and mental health.  This includes a partnership with local Yoga Studio, Yoga Hero, to offer employees access to classes covering Yoga, Mindfulness and Stress Management.  We also offer free fruit, delivered to the office twice weekly, and discounts on local gym memberships via our employee benefits programme.

As part of this commitment to employee wellbeing, we’re marking this week’s World Mental Health Day with a number of activities at the DealTrak HQ at Leeds Dock.  We’ll also be raising funds to donate to charities supporting research into mental health issues around the world.

Our World Mental Health Day activities include a Tea & Talk event, designed to encourage teams to build and strengthen relationships with colleagues they don’t interact with often as part of their day to day work.

There will also be a Great DealTrak Bake-Off competition kicking off this week, with donations to charity in return for sampling the goods on offer.

We’ll also be encouraging staff to bring their dogs with them to work during the week, a proven way to positively impact the mood and mental health of an organisation.

At DealTrak we believe in keeping on top of mental health. Allowing our team to be open and honest about any of the issues they are facing is a key part in developing a high performing organisation and we factor in Wellbeing at Work in everything we do.


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