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Case study – SG Petch


With so many exciting dealerships and lenders within our client portfolio, we wanted to learn more about their thoughts on the DealTrak platform, as well as how it has helped to improve their processes and efficiency.


Here we speak to Jed Hodgson, finance and insurance compliance manager at SG Petch, to find out more about the company, why they chose DealTrak, and the timesaving benefits they have noticed since onboarding with us…


  • Can you give us an overview of your dealership?

SG Petch is a family-run, multi-franchised dealership, which was established in 1977. We currently have five sites – in Darlington, Durham, Middlesbrough, Richmond and York – and another one due to open later this year.

Our consumer base is very diverse and includes farmers, HMF and white and blue collar workers. No matter the vehicle they are looking for, we pride ourselves in putting our customer, and their needs, at the heart of everything we do.


  • When did you start working with DealTrak?

We first began in 2009, so we’ve been with them for 10 years now!  

  • How many platforms did you assess before choosing us?

None – DealTrak was the first and only one we looked at.

  • Why did you choose DealTrak?

We’ve been with DealTrak for so long now, so we wanted to go and check in with the team which is why in December 2018 our financial director, Simon Rees and myself visited the premises in Leeds. After deliberating with Jon Sheard it became apparent that the direction that SG Petch is going – in terms of sales, development and monitoring – integrated perfectly with that of DealTrak.

Our key strategy for 2019 is to integrate all of our platforms, involving DealTrak, Contact Advantage (CA), ITC Compliance (ITC) and CarCare, which we believe they will assist us with achieving this goal.

  • What’s your favourite feature of the platform?​​

Definitely the use of the portal. It enables a quick service, and it also simplifies the audit trail relating to queries and developments.


  • Could you estimate the time saving per customer, thanks to DealTrak?

Currently 10 minutes, but once integration with CA and ITC is complete, we envisage this to increase to approximately 20 minutes.

In addition, our latest efficiency boost has come from Four Square, where we are now able to link to specific providers for their guaranteed future values at the quotation stage. This saves the business manager needing to switch between a lender’s personalised system – to give a customer an accurate quote – and then go to DealTrak to propose them.

  • What are the average number of proposals you need to send to secure finance for a customer?

If we don’t get a result from the first set – we usually see results second time around.  

  • Has DealTrak made a bottom line impact on your business?

Once all platforms are integrated, we should see major benefits both on sales results and compliance matters.

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