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Five things we can expect to see from DealTrak in 2020

2020 is set to be our biggest year yet at DealTrak HQ. Following the exciting news that we’d become part of the wider AutoProtect Group (APG) in December 2019, and with a new face at the helm, we have plenty in store for the next 12 months.

Matthew Briggs, the new APG CEO, is leading from the front as we grow our teams both in Leeds at DealTrak HQ, as well as in Essex at APG’s base. With his feet firmly under the boardroom table and plans afoot for a massive year, here’s a whistle stop tour of what he expects 2020 for hold for the brand.

1. Constantly evolving platform

Work never stands still at DealTrak, and it’s ‘all hands to the pump’ for our development team as they prepare to unveil the latest iteration of our F&I platform.

Operating in a marketplace which aims to connect the automotive F&I world – while improving the experience of dealers, lenders, brokers and insurers to boot – we’re continually exploring ways to add increased value and unlock commercial benefit to our clients in a market place where revenue and profit pressure show no signs of abating.

That’s why we’ve consulted with customers past, present (and future) to develop something the market actually needs. Watch this space!

2. Dealer-facing portal

Our integration into the AutoProtect Group means the DealTrak interface will soon be amalgamated into APG’s existing platform too – enhancing the technical offering of the entire automotive family.

We’re working hard behind the scenes to construct some pretty nifty tech improvements which will underpin the entire system – and give our users plenty more ‘bang for their buck’.

3. Data-driven decision-making

You’d be hard-pressed to open a newspaper, trade magazine or website these days without reading something about AI and machine learning – that’s why it’s a hot topic around the boardroom table.

With a wealth of customer data at their fingertips, dealerships should be able to make informed decisions around everything from the stock on their forecourts, to the lenders making up their finance panel.

Dealerships can unlock the power of this information with insights delivered directly from the APG software, allowing them to make better business decisions too. Not only that, but customers can rest assured in the knowledge that we’re ISO27001 certified – so personal details remain safe and secure.

4. Driving the compliance strategy

Compliance is something the automotive industry needs to take seriously – whether a small, independent garage or a multi-site car supermarket. While DealTrak’s integrated compliance module can cater for all manner of regulatory requirements, the wider Group is also making waves here.

Earlier this week, we welcomed Tara Williams back to APG as chief risk officer and MD of iComply – bringing a wealth of legislative knowledge across consumer credit, general insurance compliance and products in line with treating customers fairly practices.

5. Bolstering the tech team

Not only are we making compliance-related appointments, but we’re looking to grow our technical know-how at DealTrak’s base and fill a number of roles within the development team.

We’re currently on the lookout for a number of developers as well as additional resource throughout the coming year.

We’ve already made a start too, as our recent appointment, head of delivery Gary Burton, will oversee the design, development and implementation of a range of innovative products and services.

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