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DealTrak shortlisted for ‘best new product or service’ at AM Awards

What better way to kick off the New Year, than by finding out our integrated compliance module has been shortlisted for an AM Award! The savvy bit of software was named as one of the automotive F&I industry’s ‘best new product or service’ earlier this week.

Launched in January 2019, our unique solution aims to keep car dealers on the right side of the regulatory fence. Fully customisable, the user can create their own compliance question sets and customer deliverables, ensuring that all aspects of sales and compliance are evidenced according to the FCA’s requirements.

The final output is a complete digital audit for each finance or insurance deal – providing the dealer and lender with the peace of mind that everything needed to be compliant has been captured during the sales journey, with the consumer able to easily recall or view any of the compliance deliverables they were presented with.

Reacting to news of the shortlisting, DealTrak’s marketing manager, Kate Swinscoe, said; “This is the first time we’ve entered the AM awards, and we’re thrilled to have made the shortlist. We’re up against some incredibly strong – and worthy – innovations in our category, so here’s hoping for a fantastic result during the big reveal!”

As one of the most prestigious ceremonies on the motor calendar, the 2020 AM Awards will take place on Thursday 13th February at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham – but the AM Awards is much more than a glitzy night out among friends and colleagues.

Marking an evening which is dedicated to acknowledging exemplary performance and innovation is fundamentally important to our industry, so we’re looking forward to celebrating our peers’ success – and hopefully ours too.

We’ll find out how we’ve fared during the prize-giving ceremony next month, but until then, we’ll be keeping our fingers (and toes) firmly crossed – and we hope you will too.

Watch this space…

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