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Case study – Hendy Group


With so many exciting dealerships and lenders within our client portfolio, we wanted to learn more about their thoughts on the DealTrak platform, as well as how it has helped to improve their processes and efficiency.


Here we speak to Alan Shergold, central processing unit manager at Hendy Group, to tell us more about the company, why they chose DealTrak and the timesaving benefits they have noticed since onboarding with us…


  •       Can you give us an overview of your dealership?

    Hendy Group was founded in 1858 and we now have 16 locations and 51 sites – ranging from Exeter, to Eastbourne and up to Redhill. Our general clientele are people looking for a reliable car with excellent service.


  •       When did you start working with DealTrak?

    We went live on 8th January this year.


  •       How many platforms did you assess before choosing us?

    This was the first and only one we looked at – and because it covered everything we need.


  •        Why did you choose DealTrak?

    Not only do they have a brilliant – and proven – track record, they also had a knowledgeable area representative who was able to provide us with all the information we needed, and answer all of our questions. Put simply, the platform was exactly what we wanted.


  •         What’s your favourite feature of the platform?

    The ability to send a proposal to multiple lenders and the presentation ‘4 square’.


  •         How would you rate the level of service? (1 being poor, 10 being fantastic)

    8 – the service and support is fantastic. Issues are always solved quickly and adaptions are constantly being created to ensure that the platform always fits our needs.


  •         Could you estimate the time saving per customer, thanks to DealTrak?

    45 minutes to an hour. If we had a declined finance case, we had to spend a lot of time re-proposing the customer to multiple platforms manually. We now only have to complete this process once, which saved us a lot of time and phone calls.


  •         What are the average number of proposals you need to send to secure finance for a customer?

    If a customer is not accepted via a first-string lender, it usually takes two further proposals to secure a finance house. Therefore, DealTrak will help us to on-board more lenders, as the system learns our criteria in more detail.


  •         Has DealTrak aided your sale of insurance products? Can you give any specifics?

With the built-in ‘four square’, we can now ensure every customer is offered every insurance product we have to offer. Since inception we are 12% up on VAP sales!


  •         Has DealTrak made a bottom line impact on your business?

    DealTrak allows us to secure a finance approval as quickly as possible, which keeps the customer happy and means we can better sell our insurance products. We’re still in the platform’s infancy at the moment, but we’re confident it’ll have a positive impact on our figures, as well as increase our sales of F&I products.


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