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Mark Taylor

By - 20th October 2016

As Lead Developer at DealTrak, Mark’s role involves being the primary architect of DealTrak systems – from both code and infrastructure aspects. Mark plans and writes technical specifications for new development projects, mentors the team of developers, and spearheads the optimal implementation of development solutions and processes.

Since his start at DealTrak, Mark has been primarily responsible for a large scale rewrite project to enhance current systems, improving features, efficiency and the overall platform architecture.

For over 12 years Mark worked as a PHP developer with a fair amount of experience in the e-commerce and telecommunications sectors. He is always up for a challenge, and enjoys keeping his skills up to date by researching the latest technologies and methodologies.

Outside of work life, Mark is a keen martial artist, and is currently a student of both Jujitsu and Wing Chun. He enjoys keeping fit and walking in the picturesque countryside. He is also a self-confessed geek, who is into all things Sci-Fi, and has a love of heavy metal music.

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