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Sales Process vs Buying Process – Are You Ready To Make the Culture Switch?


Written by Tim Hill, Head of Business Development, DealTrak 

During my 25 years in the retail motor industry, I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard Sales Managers, General Managers, and even myself, talk about the importance of always following the ‘Sales Process’. In fact, the phrase ‘Let the process be your friend’ is indelibly etched in my psyche!

Back in 1993, when I started out as a Business Manager at Evans Halshaw Ford in Cardiff, this was valuable advice. But, how relevant is it today?

Absolutely, retailers do need some form of framework for their sales execs to get guidance from, otherwise they may potentially miss something that could have a negative impact on the outcome. But, in this day and age where customers carry out the vast majority of their research BEFORE they visit the dealer, surely the dealer should be focusing as much, if not more, on their customer’s ‘Buying Process’ rather than the ‘Sales Process’?

If we agree that the customer’s ‘Buying Process’ begins on the internet, then it makes sense to ensure that the dealer’s website is the most functional and user friendly it can be. At DealTrak, we recognise the importance of the customer’s F&I journey on the website and, as the market leading F&I platform, we work closely with other market leaders in website technology to ensure the customer journey from website to lender is as smooth as possible, thereby creating positive outcomes for both customer and retailer alike.

If the online finance element of the customer’s purchase is enhanced in this way, then surely there is a serious argument for the retailer to provide a complete online retailing solution. Ask yourselves “As a dealer, in a world where customers are increasingly expecting to be able to make purchases online, am I focusing enough on the customers ‘Buying Process’?”

We at DealTrak would be more than happy to assist you in answering that question!

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