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Employee spotlight – Hilton Austin, business development manager

The headcount at DealTrak HQ has undoubtedly grown over the past 12 months. And, in celebration of the faces both old and new – regarding tenure, not age, of course – we’ve decided to give you the InsideTrak on a different member of the team each month, to learn more about what makes them tick.

This month we’re finding out more about Hilton Austin, our regional business development manager for the South of England who loves everything automotive and software related.

Summarise your role in one paragraph

My day-to-day workload usually involves developing new business relationships, and nurturing existing ones, in order to exponentially grow DealTrak’s penetration within the automotive sector.

What’s the best part of your job?

The culture at DealTrak provides me with the flexibility to be able to work independently and entrepreneurially, to deliver on our annual objectives.

Which one word do you think your colleagues would use to describe you?


And what word do you think best describes DealTrak?


What’s been the most satisfying moment of your DealTrak career so far?

Meeting new friends and colleagues, combined with being able to make change happen daily.

What do you love about the DealTrak office?

It’s an awesome working environment and culture.

Workplace wellbeing is something which is important at DealTrak HQ, so what’s your favourite work perk?

PerkBox – an employee experience platform that empowers people and grows businesses, primarily through employee benefits.

If one of your colleagues could win an award (industry or office-related) who would it be and why? Jon Sheard, because he’s diligent, focused and loves his job.

What are your hopes for DealTrak in the coming year?

Evolve, influence a change, adapt and concur.

What is the biggest challenge facing the industry over the next 12 months?

Brexit and consumer confidence.


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