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Employee Spotlight – Danny Griffiths, senior applications developer

Crowned our ‘colleague of the year’ during DealTrak end-of-year celebrations last December, Danny Griffiths is never without a smile on his face. Making him the perfect candidate for our latest employee spotlight feature.

He’s been part of the DealTrak family since April 2016, but has made some significant changes during his time at our Leeds HQ. He also claims his employees would describe him as ‘loud’, and we can confirm that is entirely correct.

Summarise your role in one paragraph

While helping to lead and manage a team, my role is to ensure system stability (through bug fixes), develop new functionality within the DealTrak platform for our clients and support the rollout of code deployments to our AWS based infrastructure.

What’s the best part of your job?

Flexible working hours. This gives me the confidence to handle anything which might crop up in my personal life.

Which one word do you think your colleagues would use to describe you?


And what word do you think best describes DealTrak?


What’s been the most satisfying moment of your DealTrak career so far?

Being promoted to senior developer.

What do you love about the DealTrak office?

How light and open the space is. A huge portion of the building is made from glass, and we don’t clutter the space either.

Workplace wellbeing is something which is really important at DealTrak HQ, so what’s your favourite work perk?

Again, I’d say flexible working hours. But, also being able to play pool with friends at any time of the day! Provided the work gets done, there’s time to take a break from the screen to mentally reset your focus.

If one of your colleagues could win an award (industry or office-related) who would it be and why?

Vasavi. She’s often overlooked in votes like this one, because she’s quiet and just gets on with her job. Her attention to detail is second-to-none, she has a very positive work ethic and is a pleasure to work with.

What are your hopes for DealTrak in the coming year?

For the business to meet all of its 2019 targets, scaling where necessary to achieve this.

What is the biggest challenge facing the industry over the next 12 months?



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