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Christmas spotlight: Martin Hill

Our MD Martin Hill recently took part in the Yorkshire Times Christmas Q&A. If you missed out on the article you can catch up on it in full here…

Year after year, our festive spotlights prove very popular on the business pages of The Yorkshire Times, so this year we’ve brought the Q&A back, but with a difference! For 2018, we’re posing 12 quickfire ‘one word’ questions to businesspeople throughout the region and revealing one per day in true advent calendar style!

Next up, it’s Martin Hill, Managing Director at DealTrak…

Sum up 2018 for your business, in one word.


And a word that summarises how you expect 2019 to pan out?


What’s the one word from this year you’re sick of hearing?


And the one you hope to hear more of in the 12 months ahead?


Which fellow Yorkshire business has impressed you this year?   


If you could have one present for Christmas what would it be?   

Wales to win the Rugby World Cup in 2019!! (I’m from Cardiff)

What’s the best Christmas gift you’ve ever bought for someone else?

A holiday in Rome for my parents

What do you think is the most under-rated thing on your Christmas dinner plate? 

Pigs in Blankets – the food of the Gods.

How many people will be around your table on Christmas day?


And which word would you use to sum up the ambience?


Your favourite Christmas tipple?

Any really good red wine

And a message to your friends, family, colleagues and peers as they welcome in 2019? (you can have more than one word for this one!)

Have a relaxing and family focused Christmas and New Year, and charge the batteries for the inevitable rollercoaster that will be 2019! Have fun!

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