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DealTrak Academy to ‘Create Excellence’ For Automotive Industry


DealTrak, has today launched the DealTrak Academy – a personal development scheme for its employees that aims to deliver a superior service and experience to users of the platform.

According to Steve Lees, Operations Director at DealTrak, the aim of the Academy is to ‘create experts to provide excellence’  to the partners, dealers and brokers currently using the platform.

This will be achieved through a multi-stage personal development plan that will enable all DealTrak employees to become experts in their fields.

“From product development to customer service, we are creating experts to provide excellence to all our partners,” said Steve Lees, who has led the internal culture change at DealTrak over the past 12 months.

“Creating experts has multiple benefits for the platform and its users. Striving to do better, achieve more and learn new skills is at the heart of a dynamic business.

“This is a culture driven by our employees – it is them who develop new features for our platform, answer client queries and generally dictate the future direction of DealTrak,” he added.

“The goal is that when you talk to DealTrak, you are talking to an expert, someone who is knowledgeable and is able to communicate well.

“Our strategic aim is to change F&I in the motor industry and the DealTrak Academy is just one of the things we have in place to help do that.

“We work with our staff to identify their core skills and knowledge and put plans in place to make them experts in their field,” added Steve. “We create a support structure, understand career aspirations and feedback consistently.

“Ambition comes in many forms – it can be career progression or a thirst to know more about a particular subject. We use skill-set training and deliver workshops every week so people can identify areas they would like to become more knowledgeable in and create a path to enable them to succeed.”

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